Something great drives us

Our service route began in 1987. Since then our main fuel has been hard work and continuous improvement in order to offer logistic solutions to our clients for the transportation of their goods.

Our Value Proposition


We offer our clients full transparency in our operations. We provide you with 24/7 access to several technological tools which allow you to monitor, trace and obtain necessary information for decision making.


Safety is an element of competitiveness, that is why we constantly invest in technology, systems, physical equipment, processes and training of our personnel, with the purpose of guaranteeing our clients safety in our logistics management.


Our permanent personalized attention, extensive experience and solid infrastructure allow us to offer our clients value solutions tailored to their needs. In addition, procedures, technology and above all the capacity of our human resources provide a flexible ecosystem in all our operations.

The health contingency caused by the coronavirus / Covid-19 has put all governments and organizations to the test. At FEMA we are doing our best to meet our clients’ needs and keep moving forward.