What we know today as FEMA began in 1987. In a circumstantial manner, the company begins operations in Laredo, Texas.

En 1994 la vocación comercial de la ciudad, se ve altamente beneficiada con la firma del TLC (Tratado de Libre Comercio), que sin duda potencializa la actividad comercial del puerto y aporta un gran impulso a las empresas del sector, como agencias aduanales, transportistas, bodegas, afianzadores, bancos y demás.

It was precisely in 1994 when FEMA put down roots in Nuevo Laredo.

The year 2000 arrives and the new century brings many technological changes. For Nuevo Laredo, this year marked a turning point, as the municipal government established a partnership with customs agents and carriers to build a new International Bridge, which was inaugurated on April 15, 2000 and which was called “Puente del Comercio Mundial” on the Mexican

In 2001 FEMA acquired new facilities, right in the corridor of main transportation companies in the city; on the highway to Piedras Negras, only thirteen kilometers from the World Trade Bridge.  de la ciudad; la carretera a Piedras Negras, a solo trece kilómetros del Puente del Comercio Mundial.

En 2003 con una inversión inicial en cinco tracto camiones y un pull de veinte cajas, FEMA empieza a rodar por las carreteras de México.

The year 2005 arrives and the company inaugurates new offices, with modern and functional facilities that lay the foundations for FEMA's permanent growth. 

The pages of FEMA's history continue to be written every day; with every mile its skilled drivers travel each day, every freight delivered, every call handled efficiently, every report sent, every new sale and with an entirely satisfied customer.