Lo que hoy conocemos como FEMA, inicia en 1987. De manera circunstancial las empresa inicia operaciones en Laredo, Texas.

In 1994, the commercial potential of the city benefited greatly with the signing of the FTA (Free Trade Agreement), which certainly strengthens the port's commercial activity and gave a great boost to companies in the sector, such as customs agencies, carriers, warehouses, bonding companies, banks, and others.

It was precisely in 1994 when FEMA put down roots in Nuevo Laredo.

The year 2000 arrives and the new century brings many technological changes. For Nuevo Laredo, this year marked a turning point, as the municipal government established a partnership with customs agents and carriers to build a new International Bridge, which was inaugurated on April 15, 2000 and which was called “Puente del Comercio Mundial” on the Mexican

In 2001 FEMA acquired new facilities, right in the corridor of main transportation companies in the city; on the highway to Piedras Negras, only thirteen kilometers from the World Trade Bridge.  de la ciudad; la carretera a Piedras Negras, a solo trece kilómetros del Puente del Comercio Mundial.

In 2003, with an initial investment of five tractor-trailers and a pull of twenty van trailers, FEMA began to roll on Mexico's highways.

The year 2005 arrives and the company inaugurates new offices, with modern and functional facilities that lay the foundations for FEMA's permanent growth. 

The pages of FEMA's history continue to be written every day; with every mile its skilled drivers travel each day, every freight delivered, every call handled efficiently, every report sent, every new sale and with an entirely satisfied customer.


To provide a highly competitive freight transportation service, by providing personalized attention to our clients, taking care of their needs, advising them and being part of their solution for the processing, crossing and/or transportation of their goods.


To be recognized for our values, our people and our service; becoming the most competitive transportation company in Mexico, whose capacity, management and leadership will allow us to double the value of the company every five years.


Passion for service

Buscamos la excelencia de manera permanente en cada servicio que realizamos o responsabilidad que asumimos.


Everything we do, we do it well.


If it has to be, it's up to me.

Mutual Respect

In order to fulfill organizational objectives, relationships among company members will be in an environment in which understanding and tolerance of individual differences and ideas prevail, as well as treating others with dignity without hierarchical distinctions.


Seek, imagine, create.


It is the attitude that comes from acting with integrity and honesty

Our Value Proposition


We offer our clients full transparency in our operations. We provide you with 24/7 access to several technological tools which allow you to monitor, trace and obtain necessary information for decision making.

Fematrack Online

El sistema Fematrack Online permite que nuestros clientes dispongan de la información de sus embarques en tiempo real.

Customized Reports

Full access to current and historical information on your shipments through Excel reports. They are configured to be sent automatically.

B2B Links

Tecnologías como el EDI (Intercambio electrónico de datos) para mantener un enlace eficiente y permanente con nuestros  clientes.


Safety is an element of competitiveness, that is why we constantly invest in technology, systems, physical equipment, processes and training of our personnel, with the purpose of guaranteeing our clients safety in our logistics management.


Digital exchanges

Yard strapping

K-9 inspection

Full sealing



Tamper-proof tracking

Automated yard search of semi-trailers.

Secure Yard

Espacio seguro, amplio y eficiente, que cumple con todos los requerimientos

C-TPAT y OEA diseñado para detectar y mitigar riesgos y amenazas  


Con más de 33 años de experiencia, contamos con una sólida infraestructura que brinda certeza a nuestros clientes, además de los procedimientos, la tecnología y sobre todo la capacidad de nuestro recurso humano, para diseñar soluciones de valor a la medida de las necesidades de nuestros clientes.


Customer Service

Personalized attention in managing the supply chain and achieve efficiency and profitability in each project.


Information and processes in a digital platform adaptable and scalable to the client's needs.


Adaptability of our operations and ability to react to changes in the logistics flow. 

An initiative between the U.S. and Mexican governments and the private sector in order to ensure security throughout the logistics chain.

A program that seeks to strengthen security of the foreign trade logistics chain through the implementation of internationally recognized minimum security standards.

An international standard whose focus is the client’s satisfaction, and which encourages that products or services meet quality standards.

We are also part of the "Clean Transportation" program, whose objective is to make freight and passenger transportation throughout the country more efficient, safe, competitive and environmentally friendly.

Distinction granted by the Mexican Philanthropy Center since 2001 to companies and organizations established in Mexico that meet a series of criteria covering, in general, profitability and economic, social and environmental sustainability.

We keep on moving

For FEMA, the safety of our employees, clients, suppliers and the community is the most important thing, so in response to the current contingency of health authorities to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are acting responsibly and respectfully by implementing the following:

Information and Awareness

We have launched an internal awareness and prevention campaign through notices, informational fliers and face-to-face talks by local medical institutions.
Through mail, WhatsApp and telephone, we maintain constant communication and updates based strictly on official sources.

Safety and Hygiene

We developed a Medical Attention Protocol through our nursing area to properly channel each case that could be suspected of presenting symptoms of flu, cough or influenza. In our access doors, in addition to receiving only really necessary visitors, the protocol for identifying people with suspicious respiratory conditions will be applied, preventing their access to our facilities.
The temperature of everyone who has access to our facilities (staff and visitors) is being checked. The drivers' lounge and the cafeteria are temporarily closed. 
Hygiene measures have been reinforced in all our areas, with the supply of anti-bacterial gel, gloves, face masks and all the necessary products and protection provided to our collaborators for their daily duties.
We are strongly encouraging constant hand washing, not touching the face, keeping a distance of at least one and a half meters when talking or interacting with other people, as well as the responsibility of staying at home if they have any symptoms of respiratory diseases. Likewise, avoiding crowds or crowded places.


Continuity of our operations

Para garantizar la continuidad de nuestras operaciones, nuestro personal clave  cuenta con equipo de comunicación  de telefonía celular, así como equipos de computo portátiles conectados a nuestra red, por lo que, hemos implementando en el 80% de nuestro personal, la modalidad de home office, sin que se vean afectadas nuestras operaciones.


We have implemented new work schemes with our suppliers to ensure that they do not interrupt their supply. Meetings with them have been temporarily suspended, the physical exchange of documents has been suspended, and visits to our facilities have been limited or avoided.


Given the nature of their role, we are taking special care to inform and provide the necessary to our drivers in order to prevent contagions during this stage of the contingency. The following actions have been implemented:

  • • Constant cleaning and sanitizing the cab and contact areas of the tractor-trailer.
  • • Limit or avoid entering into restaurants or stops along the highway.
  • • Maintain a healthy diet, increasing the consumption of fruits high in vitamin C and rich in minerals.