We offer our clients full transparency in our operations. We provide you with 24/7 access to several technological tools which allow you to monitor, trace and obtain necessary information for decision making.

Fematrack Online

El sistema Fematrack Online permite que nuestros clientes dispongan de la información de sus embarques en tiempo real.

Customized Reports

Full access to current and historical information on your shipments through Excel reports. They are configured to be sent automatically.


Keep control of all your movements from the palm of your hand and in real time. Your shipments in a click! 

B2B Links

Technologies such as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to maintain an efficient and permanent link with our clients


Safety is an element of competitiveness, that is why we constantly invest in technology, systems, physical equipment, processes and training of our personnel, with the purpose of guaranteeing our clients safety in our logistics management.

Secure Yard

Secure, spacious and efficient space that meets all C-TPAT and OEA requirements, designed to detect and mitigate risks and threats. 

Systems and Procedures

Digital exchanges

Yard strapping

K-9 inspection

Full sealing


Tamper-proof tracking

Automated yard search of semi-trailers.


Our permanent personalized attention, extensive experience and solid infrastructure allow us to offer our clients value solutions tailored to their needs. In addition, procedures, technology and above all the capacity of our human resources provide a flexible ecosystem in all our operations.

Customer Service

Personalized attention in managing the supply chain and achieve efficiency and profitability in each project.


Information and processes in a digital platform adaptable and scalable to the client's needs.


Adaptability of our operations and ability to react to changes in the logistics flow.