With our FEMATRACK Satellite Tracking System we have total visibility of times and routes of shipments.
Likewise, our tamper-proof protocol allows us to act efficiently in case of any potential contingency.

Through customized online reports, we provide you with visibility and traceability of each one of your operations.

Secure, spacious and efficient space that meets all C-TPAT and AEO requirements, designed to detect and mitigate risks and threats.

•Digital exchanges.

•Automated yard search of semi-trailers.

•K-9 inspections.

•Yard strapping.

If there is one thing that distinguishes us, it is our commitment to safety.

The FEMASAFE program is divided in 7 items from which different safety measures are derived.
1. Staff recruitment
2. Facilities
3. Validation of the logistics chain
4. Control of seals, hardware and hidden
5. Tracking and monitoring
6. Audits
7. Continuous improvement